Region Staff Info


If you are here you are likely a staff member from a VATSIM region looking to start using VATATIS for your region. Or you may be a staff member for an already support region.

Existing Region

If you are trying to access the admin section for your region you can find it in the dropdown menu under your name in the top left.

No dropdown menu/name? Just log in and it will show up.

Still no admin button? You may need to be added as a staff member for your region. Either ask an existing staff member or contact the VATATIS support team

New Region addition

For those of you looking to add VATATIS support for your region, please input your region code (Generally a 3-4 letter code like NZZC, CZEG or EIXX) below and hit the create button.

You need to be logged in to access the new region form!

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