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The most modern and realistic ATIS Maker for VATSIM and Euroscope

Global Realism

We offer full self-service support for regions, and we are also happy to work with each division and ARTCC to provide the most realistic ATIS possible. Through country and airport specific configs the ATIS can be tuned to output the exact format required. We also have a ton of little formatting fixes that tune the AudioForVatsim Text2Speech to produce almost the exact output desired


We offer a URL based, and soon a web based, form of control for the ATIS. Using Euroscope's built in system you can use a URL with both auto-updated and manually entered parameters to build an ATIS to report the current situation at the airport. Additionally regional staff have full control over every aspect of their ATIS config. From Airports to ATC Positions and finally the config itself.


There are a ton of different options available. Some will depend on the country, but you will be able to add things like 2000ft winds, operational info, runway condition, and lots more to your ATIS. Through our config based system we can tune the text ATIS for a ton of different customization settings to get it exactly how your region wants it.

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